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We Offer The Best Market Pricing In The US

Remote Support

Get the best remote IT Support anywhere in the world. Our team always has your back covered

Cyber Security

Secure your business environment with layer deep security solutions so a threat never reaches you

Cloud Solutions

We offer off-premise cloud solutions to take your business to the next level of work efficiency

Device Management

We take the headache out of device warranty tracking & lifecycles. Recieve customized device reports

Data Backup

We use superior cloud solutions to provide fast & secure automatic cloud backups as well as image backups

Excellent IT

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Enhanced IT Support


When you onboard with Netcom you will get enhanced remote support & device tracking coverage. Our technicians will help guide you through the process


Produce Emotion & Strong Relationships
With Our Customers

We want our customers to feel welcome when it comes to IT issues. Our team has your back no matter how simple the issue might be. We strive to build relationships with our clients and employees to create a positive work environment & encourage growth for both sides. Learn more about us by visiting Our Team page.


Security Monitoring

When you onboard with Netcom all current & future devices will come installed with a security agent & RMM for constant threat monitoring & live chat support


Competitive Pricing

Save thousands more when you switch or use our IT solutions. See improvements & savings with our monthly lifecycle & asset reports. Start your free consultation to learn more today



Why Do People Rave About Us?


"I have saved thousands of dollars using Netcom as my managed IT provider as compared to other competitors like Executech. I don't have to worry about my employees asking me complicated questions that I can't answer because Netcom has my back"

Bill R.


About Us

What Do We Do?

Since 2004, Netcom Support has managed IT systems for a multitude of businesses and organizations across the Wasatch Front in Utah. Since then, Netcom has expanded and now handles IT support across the United States. The Netcom team consists of highly qualified technicians and engineers that are equipped to handle issues remotely or onsite when necessary. 


Netcom Support works with a variety of clientele to include law firms, coffee companies, small clinics, construction companies, and more. Netcom’s successful business model enables us to build long-standing relationships with clients to provide exceptional service and experience. 


With fast response times and a wide range of knowledge in the IT field, Netcom Support is able to help small and medium-sized businesses utilize and adapt to the changing technology frontier. Netcom offers a full range of Managed IT Services and pricing options to fit almost any company. Let Netcom Support take the IT stress out of your organization and allow you to focus on your business.

"We bring managed IT services to the next level at a price by price comparison that competitors can't beat" - Josh Wendt CEO

Netcom strives to move forward and bring success to all clients. We highly value strong relationships made with employees & clientele alike


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