Netcom Guide


Getting Started

Before you begin, please make sure your device has an authenticator application installed. For the best experience, we recommend using the Microsoft Authenticator from the app store for M365-related products. To install the Microsoft Authenticator, please click here.


Sign in with your credentials

Once you have installed the Microsoft Authenticator app for IOS or Android, you will need to add an account next. To do so, log in to your Microsoft authenticator app. Look for 3 dots in the top right corner or add an account. Tap add Work or School account. Select Sign in.


NOTE: If you don’t have enough authentication methods on your account to get a strong authentication token, you can't add an account. You’ll see an error in the Authenticator app that says “To set up Microsoft Authenticator, you'll need to go to on a web browser.”

If you receive the message "You might be signing in from a location that is restricted by your admin," your admin hasn't enabled this feature for you and probably set up a Security Information Registration Conditional Access policy. You might also receive messages that block the registration of the Authenticator app because your admin has Conditional Access policies set up. In these cases, contact the administrator for your work or school account to use this authentication method.

If you are allowed by your admin to use phone sign-in using the Authenticator app, you'll be able to go through device registration to get set up for passwordless phone sign-in and Azure Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). However, you'll still be able to set up MFA whether or not you are enabled for phone sign-in.


Sign in with a QR code

To add an account by scanning a QR code via the Microsoft Authenticator app. On your computer, go to the Additional security verification page.


NOTE: If you don't see the Additional security verification page, it's possible that your administrator has turned on the security info (preview) experience. If that's the case, you should follow the instructions in the Setup security info to use an authenticator app section. If that's not the case, you will need to contact your organization's Help Desk for assistance. For more information about security info, see Set up your Security info from a sign-in prompt.

Navigate to add an account via the Microsoft Authenticator app. Choose, scan a QR code. The QR code page should look like the following below. Do NOT Scan this QR code as it is for example purposes only.


Finishing Touches

To ensure you have properly added your authentication method, try signing in somewhere else such as a different computer on the web. You should receive a prompt for additional verification. Also, ensure you originally approved inside Microsoft Authenticator when you added your M365 Work or School account