Netcom Guide


Getting Started

Before you begin, please make sure your device has a valid copy of Office or M365 products. To ensure this, go to any Office program in accounts settings. License details are displayed there. 


Quick Repair

Before you run a quick repair, please ensure that you have saved all work opened inside of Office programs such as Word or Excel. After doing so, navigate to your computer's control panel found on Windows devices. Select programs & features. Find the Office program, then right-click. Choose modify, then Quick repair. A prompt will follow:


Online Repair

To run an Online Repair, follow the same steps for Quick Repair except choose Online Repair at the modify window. Please keep in mind that this method takes significantly longer than a quick repair does. 


NOTE: If you have Office icons pinned to your taskbar a Quick Repair, you will have to re-pin to the taskbar.